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This is no longer our Internet | Jillian C. York

Last month there was a controversy over the publicness of Twitter. In short, as I wrote here, this is what happened: BuzzFeed republished a Twitter discussion in which sexual assault survivor and Twitter user @SteenFox had asked women to discuss what they were wearing when they were assaulted. Although the women had given @SteenFox permission to retweet the tweets, some were still upset that BuzzFeed had republished them.

Bye-bye, Blue. I’ll miss you.

I am extremely disappointed that JetBlue is closing it’s AUS-SFO route. I understand why (Virgin American started that route six months ago, and LUV started an Austin-San Jose route around the same time, in addition to their already existing AUS-OAK route — which, to be fair, is better for me when going home for visits, anyway), but it still makes me sad.

I flew that route on average of about ten times per year over the past few years, and it was at the heart of the value I got from my True Blue membership. Without that route, it’s actually more useful for me to switch my primary domestic airline for my most frequent locations (Bay Area, Orlando, Tampa, etc.) to Southwest, with the ever-present United (NYC, etc.) as the back-up, because those end up being points that I’ll actually use.

I liked that I got to feel like part of my relationship with JetBlue was continuing, even after all these years of no longer working for the company, and I am very sad that this one route change has the unfortunate side effect of rather fundamentally shifting our relationship from this point forward.

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